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Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg

I went to Pigeon Forge for a wedding and by extension went to Gatlinburg which is right next to it. I am sure Pigeon Forge is paradise for some people but I totally hated it.  I thought it was overly commercial and not engineered out with any thought.  I saw tons of people walking around but besides shopping I could not figure out what they were doing.  I mean I saw food, motels, hotels and shopping centers and a few tourist things.  I basically drove everywhere I went and that is a huge feat.  I made my way to Dollywood but decided against going in because I am not much of an amusement park kind of guy and it seemed like a huge waste of money just to look around. I decided to drive a bit through the mountain and look for a gift or two.  I did enjoy that but it took me forever to find a secluded place. I went into a pizza place and it looked really good but the wait looked to be a little long so I kept on driving.  I stopped in some junk shop and thought it was quaint but didn’t buy anything, I finally decided that Ruby Tuesdays was the place for me. Yay I know I suck I should have found a small mom and pop but it was really hard to see anything past the gaudy decor of the area. Well that night was pre-party for the wedding and then we headed out on the town.  We hit up the go kart race track which looked like a lot of fun, some of the clientele looked a little to serious for something that was meant for fun but that’s the way it goes.  We then went to Gatlinburg.  I only saw a small section of the down but what I saw looked fun.  Not sure if I would make a point to go back to get the full effect but I cant really bash the place.

If you looked overly busy and heavily commercialized places then Pigeon Forge is for  you and I am sure if you spent some time there you could get to the really good places but I didn’t so I didn’t enjoy it.  Gatlinburg was nice from what I saw but it was at night and I only drove in, parked and went to a bar and then left so I will hold my tongue but I don’t think I will even make a special trip back to find out.

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