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Isle of Capri Casino: Biloxi

I was picking a buddy up at the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport and he was hungry and the topic of crab claws was tossed in the air so we went in search for a seafood buffet. I am not going to bash any place on the Gulf Coast for doing construction because Hurricane Katrina did a real number on the area but it’s been a while and the casinos have a lot of money so the area I feel should be in a little better shape than it was. The construction wasn’t the hard to get around it just slowed things down a bit. We wondered around for a bit but we happened upon the Isle of Capri and I guess we got lucky or someone already knew but they had a seafood buffet so we went in. First thing it was confusing to find which way to self parking in the garage. People were turning right in left lanes and nothing appeared to be marked clearly but I did have a couple of guys in the car telling me where to go and we all know how that goes. I have a little car so it was not that hard to find a spot that I could park in but I did go the wrong direction in the garage. We get out of the car and walk from the garage to the casino/hotel and I guess we came in the side entrance because the only signs we saw were hotel check-in and the fancy restaurant. We were looking for the buffet so we had to ask one of the staff who I must say was the nicest person. She pointed us in the right direction which turns out we were just not paying attention and with a bit of effort we could have figured it out ourselves. The main lobby had a little café and then a coffee shop and a few gambling tables and some slots but we needed to go to the second floor which I was impressed because you could see the elevators/escalators/stairs all together without much effort to take any of them. The second floor was a little easier to digest they has signs everywhere to tell you where to go and the hotel check-in was on this level but what we were after was the buffet and it wasn’t much further past the stairs. The buffet line didn’t seem so bad and flowed at the pace you would expect a place like this. The prices were not so bad either (the guy that was picked up at the airport treated). Now a few negatives the tables are laid out poorly and the staff was always in the way, for a buffet it was just messed up, I mean this is a place that people have to get up a bunch and there are tons of hurtles in the way just to get to the buffet. Enough about the layout I mean this post is all about the buffet and well it wasn’t very good. The turnover looked good but the focus was totally towards the crab legs which in my case were over cooked and caused the meat to stick and the brine wasn’t completely washed off so you occasionally got a really salty piece. The rest of the food was well standard nothing exciting. The service was a bit poor because at least for the time we were there it took an abnormally long time to get our drinks refilled and the plates just piled up. So the food was okay but hey it was free for me so I ate as much as I could. After eating we were in a casino after all so we went to the main casino part and threw some cash away. I mainly stick to the slots and they had plenty of those and since it was a Thursday it wasn’t that busy which was nice. The tables looked a little light though, not all of them were open and the ones that were manned just seemed to occupy a few people in which they didn’t seem to want anymore coming to the table so no table gambling for us. I had never gone to the ATM at a casino so I wanted to see how much the surcharge would be and I was surprised that it was only US $3 which is really not that bad and all the ATM’s were clearly marked and I felt fairly secure when entering my PIN so that’s a plus. We did out gambling thing and tracked our way back to the car. We did have a little snafu with the elevator because I guess I didn’t read it right and ended up going all the way to the ground floor of the parking garage and not the lobby of the casino (my bad). Once we got out of the parking space it took me a second to figure out how to get out since again there weren’t any clear signs with the exit posted but we made it. Now I didn’t stay in the hotel so I can’t say what that was like and I really didn’t do much beyond eat at the buffet and gamble on the slots but from what I saw I don’t think I will return. I guess I just got a bad vibe from the place but don’t take my word for it go see for your selves. I may have just got there on a bad note and was overly critical on things around me.

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