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The following list is places that I have been. This is not a complete list some are being omitted because they were just work excursions and I didn’t get a feel of the place and some are omitted due to the fact I don’t remember much about the trip; we will not be getting into why I don’t remember. The plan is for me to mark each one off as I write about it. The list is more or less for me keeping track then for you to wait in anticipation for what I will write next. It has been over 20 years since I have visited some of these places so you are going to get the ramblings of a man remembering his childhood memories on the older one. I am known to embellish a thing or two but for the most part it will be truth but if I start saying something like I slay a dragon with my bare hands then I might be going off the recollection path and into story mode. Regardless I hope it’s entertaining. To see the list click.

UK: England: London
UK: England: Sheffield
UK: Scotland
France: Paris
Germany: Unknown
Switzerland: Unknown
Spain: Unknown
Italy: Venice
Italy: Unknown

Westminster Cathedral
Tower of Pisa
Loch Ness

United States
Alabama: Mobile
Alabama: Brewton
Alabama: Montgomery
Mississippi: Biloxi
Louisiana: New Orleans
Louisiana: Baton Rouge

Florida: Daytona Beach
Florida: Pensacola
Florida: New Smyrna
Florida: Orlando
Tennessee: Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge
North Carolina
Utah: Lake Powell
Utah: Salt Lake City
Utah: American Fork
Colorado: Aspen
Colorado: Denver
New Mexico: Ship Wreck
Arizona: Page
Nevada: Las Vegas
Washington: Seattle Area

Isle of Capri
the Grande
4 Corners Area
Kentucky Derby

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