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The Dark Knight

Okay I am not a movie critic yeah I watch a bunch of stuff but I try to keep my opinions about movies to myself or a select few so if you are reading this and have a problem with the way I wrote it up feel free to comment but don’t bother if all your going to do is complain about my post.

<SPOILERS WARNING> Consider this the first an only warning I will give for movie posts. If you have not seen the movie yet don’t read the post.

This movie was filmed in Hong Kong apparently and that is fine but I would have enjoyed Gotham to look well Gothic.  It could have been any large metropolitan area for all I know there was no atmosphere about he place, the first movie seemed to get it right but this one I guess didn’t want to cast a place as another character. Batman (Christian Bale) did a fair job but it was kind of dumb putting dogs in the fight scene I mean OK dogs are sucky and the can do some damage but Batman can take like 10 guys at once and he has trouble with a couple of dogs. The dogs were like the opening fight sequence for all action movies you got to start with an opening fight.  During the dog fight I like to call it they introduced faux-batmans which I thought were going to become an important role in the movie but they turned out to just be posers for a couple of scence and one of them gets killed. The next  scenes are about the mob on how they are struggling to keep there turf because of the batman blah blah blah, tired and used over and over again but I guess they needed this to introduce the real star of the movies, JOKER.  We all know Heath Ledger died after filming this movie so I won’t get into that but I will say he did a damn great job as the JOKER. He was creepy and spontaneous and everything you expect from an evil guy from DC. He did this magic trick where the mob guys were trying to scare the Joker and so he puts pencil in the table and a thug walks up and Joker slams his face killing the thug. He made the pencil disappear. Well the movie must continue so the joker causing havoc by killing more people and batman can’t figure him out so Gordan fakes his death and comes back to life at the end and catches the Joker but he already had Rachel (Maggie should not have done this role it wasn’t right for her) and Harvey Dent (two-face) Batman saves Dent and not Rachel (he meant to save Rachel) but Dent gets burned and TwoFace is born.  Joker is loose now killing people everywhere trying to catch the money launderer and Bruce Wayne comes up with the sonic cell phone tracker thing that Morgan Freeman protest and goes he with quit if it stays but batman made him the only user so it can be destroyed when Morgan is done. SIDE NOTE: Batman would never give up this type of power its just not going to happen.  Joker puts two bombs on boats and one full of bad guys and one full of good guys and they have to blow each other up to live by 12:00 and Joker thinks human nature is bad but he fails and Batman kicks his butt.  Batman then must race to catch dent before he kills off Gordens family but Dent falls off the side and kills himself.  Batman told Gorden to blame the murders Dent did on him so the mob guys don’t go free. END.

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