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by: m.w.

You know I have never been a good writer. Content is my bane. I have always been inclined to think that if you have a couple of words and maybe a picture or two then that’s enough and if people don’t understand then they are stupid. Content has always been filler to me, never a large portion of anything that I do. If develop a website I can make a bunch of pretty pictures and do neat tricks but never able to put ‘pen to paper’ to give the website that next level of professionalism. When I am creating help documents (which are very WORD heavy) I come off dry and sterile and well boring. As I get older I wished that I pursued a more proper education in writing and learned to enjoy it. Yes I have taken English and Literature classes but I always skated by on my charm and brute force stay up all night and throw some words on a paper and call it done. I try not to think about it and avoid plagiarizing as much as possible. If you were to hand that paper to me a week later I would ask you who wrote it, I never really cared. I know people are aware of my less then stellar communication skills because I hear all the time “wow you wrote more than two sentences”. (I try really hard not to tell those people to screw off) In person I am easy to talk with I am articulate and can hold a conversation with many a topic but WORDS just fail me when I have to collect them; it’s as if everything is running through my brain and it won’t slow down long enough for me to get it out. When I am speaking I sometimes will forget what I have said within two minutes and it’s because I have released that knowledge from my brain and there is no use to remember it. I can’t be unique in this blasé attitude about language that I throw it away as if it is a renewable resource. I guess I should respect the things that I say and should be able to transpose them to paper for all to see over and over. Content, Creativity, true substance I guess will simply fail me and WORDS will simply have to flow from my mouth to the open air when only ears will hold and paper will not.

I do understand the irony in writing this out but it was more of a free flow then a single thought. You may notice my focus was not always clear but you get the point.

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