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Battery Backups

Why does a battery backup have to beep the entire time? I have had a computer for at least 15 years and most of those years I have had a battery backup and they all beeped. Technology has changed so much I mean come on we have a rice cooker that plays music but we can’t change how an essential part of our computing life could be a little less annoying. When it comes to the personal backup they have pretty much all been the same a battery in a plastic casing with circuitry that is plugged into a power outlet and when said power fails the backup gives you time to turn your equipment off. Why am I grumbling? Well because the damn thing has not changed much since as far back as I can remember. I have not searched the tubes for the top of the line unique battery backups and I am sure they are out there I am more focused on the standard off the shelf ones you get and shove under your desk hoping never to need. I would like to see computer cases with swappable battery bays or completely seperate devices with power supplies built in so the computer guts and power guts are seperate. I want to see more attractive casings for the batteries but not sacrificing ease of swapping batteries. I want to see redundent battery bays one with low recharge and the main with regular charge. I want to hear something, anything other than that insane beep, beep, beep. I don’t think it’s much to ask the computer manufactuers seem to understand now the consumer wants function and form I don’t see why the backup guys can’t do the same. (note: this entire post was done on my phone as I wait for the power to turn back on)

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