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Turn PC Into Virtual WiFi Hotspot With WiFi HotSpot Creator — AddictiveTips

WiFi HotSpot Creator is a handy tool to create a WiFi hotspot and share your internet connection, so WiFi enabled devices like laptops, smart phones, and tablets, can connect to internet via PC. It auto-enables the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) option of your current connection to seamlessly turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot; you don’t have to go through the tiresome process of opening Network & Sharing Center. Just launch the tool, enter the connection name and passphrase to create your WiFi hotspot. Moreover, it creates WPA/WPA2 PSK based secured connection, allowing you to connect those WiFi enabled devices which cannot connect with wireless ad-hoc network.

To share your internet connection, first enter the name of WiFi hotspot and then enter a minimum 8-digit password in the Passphrase field. Now from NIC drop down menu, select the internet connection which you want to share.

WiFi HotSpot Creator

Once done, click Start to create your WiFi hotspot.

WiFi HotSpot Created

During testing, we did not find any issues. However, it attempts to install a toolbar in your browser without asking for permission. It must be noted that if the application is not working on your PC, you might have to upgrade your network adapter, as older adapters do not support creating virtual WiFi hotspot.

Download WiFi HotSpot Creator (Softpedia link provided since the application is not listed on product page)

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