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Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Works on 26 mm caps (US standard), 29 mm (craft and large European) beer bottles, and sparking wine bottles. In the event that a twist off cap becomes stuck or impossible to open, it can even be used to pry those caps as well.

The resealing function is what sets this gadget apart and can also be used for a wide range of pop-cap bottles. One simply flips over the implement and, using the metal guides to grip the rim at the top of the bottle, slides the rubbery panel over the opening to ensure a tight seal over the beverage — preventing the contents from going stale or spilling when turned on its side.

Very little maintenance is required to keep this opener in pristine shape for a long time to come. A simple rinse and dry every so often is enough to keep it shining and to prevent a build-up of beer on the rubbery seal.

At 3.5 inches long, this will fit into any pocket, cooler or backpack and is ideal for everything, from fishing trips in the wilderness to watching the game on the couch. The opener is made of chrome-plated metal and is engraved with basic instructions for use, giving the gadget a vintage ‘bare essentials’ feel. On the sealing side, the metal guides and the elasticity of the material ensures that the tightest possible grip is achieved without having to exert too much effort. Once you have the resealer in place, you can tip the bottle upside down and nary a drop will spill.

(Source: http://store.kaufmann-mercantile.com/collections/kitchen-home/products/hermetus-bottle-opener-resealer)

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