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Yard Work

I did yard work this weekend. I learned a few things.

  • My desk job has made me soft.
  • I am really out of shape.
  • When you use crutches to walk you should avoid fucking up your hands
  • My yard guy tends to miss a few spots.
  • Water, no matter the temp, is worth more than money after a few hours of hard labor.

I am not sure what did me in.  I was just going to clear some grass off the landing.  It was late afternoon and the sun was behind clouds.  I guess I thought I could do more so I did.  I was cutting down small trees and pulling vines out of trees that were forty feet up.  Oh and it had just stop raining so everything was nice and wet.  I don’t know why I didn’t stop.  I spent 5 hours cutting and pulling and digging while buried in mud and dead leaves.  It was so dark that I could barely see what I was cutting much less see if a raccoon or snake was just hiding out.  When I was finally done I didn’t care what it looked like all I wanted to do was go inside and take a shower.  I made it to the shower water for some reason will find every cut you have and respond with a “hey how ya doing, you feel that”.  After the pain the perfection of a nice long shower proceeded.  I have no idea how long I was in there.  I mean time could have warped and the earth could have flipped but as long as I had water pressure I did not care what was going on.  When I finally got out I was exhausted and hungry and you will never guess what I had in the fridge……..you don’t have to guess I will tell you….NOTHING.  I had to get dressed and then get in my car and find food at 12:30AM.  Now my town if pretty dead at that time.  I could have gone into a gas stations but even the pickens at that time are sparse but I have a secret weapon and its called Krystals.  I have no idea when that place closes but I was so glad it wasn’t. When I got there I was like 5th  in line and everyone was taking so damn long. I finally got my order of those precious little burgers and I needed to make it back home before my stomach ate itself or I fell asleep at the wheel.  When I finally got back to my house I was at a point that was more of a haze.  I ate every single one of those burgers, turned all the lights off and alright and disrobed and I have not idea how. I actually enjoyed the exhaustion. It has been so long since I was at that point.  I must have slept well but not long because I looked at the close at 5:30am and then got up at 8am to go inspect my destroyed yard.  I wish I would have take a picture, I mean I went crazy and I was still so tired I could not have moved any of it an inch much less to the back of the house.  I had to call for reinforcements and my go to person is my dad.  I am sure it would have been nice of me to tell him how much I cut but he would have helped irregardless. I know have a fairly clean yard and my yard guy can do the rest.  I have scrapes and bruises all over my body and I am still tired. I am not sure what my goal was I just got a wild hair up my ass I guess. I will look back at this post though before I try it again and go “oh yeah maybe I should just hire somebody to do that next time”

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