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I am always looking for a good clock radio to wake up too. They are either to small or to bright or just flimsy. I have bought maybe half a dozen clocks in the last 10 years and I keep going back to this old messed up huge digital alarm clock from 1992. I think its time for a new one and the Tick Tock is looking pretty good.

Product Description:
Tick Tock™ by Edifier® takes you back in time with this easy to use, multifunctional retro-styled alarm clock. Plug in a preloaded SD card or USB memory stick and listen to your favorite music that is easily controlled using the track, input selection and volume keys located on the top of the clock. An auxiliary input jack allows for other media devices to also be connected to the clock as well as built in FM radio giving every user a wide selection of music and alarm source options. Tick Tock has two 360° degree omni-directional full range speakers that provide rich, multi-directional sound.

Source: Edifier


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